CLEO Gold v2.5 Apk Download Latest Version 2024

If you’re looking to download CLEO Gold apk for your android smartphone, you’re at the right place! CLEO Gold is a perfect tool for modding and adding tricks in GTA games. This tool can be used to get all the weapons, get cars, and do almost everything which you can’t do in normal GTA games.


So, if you’re looking to download cleo gold for your android phone, you can easily download it from here without any hassles and surveys.

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As I said above, this is an ultimate tool to modify and add custom scripts to all the GTA games which come for Android. This app can also be used for GTA San Andreas, which is a very popular game by Rockstar. Please note that this tool requires rooted Android and cannot work properly on un-rooted phones. So, make sure your smartphone is rooted for the proper working of this tool.

Here are some screenshots of this tool –

CLEO GOLD Screenshot

CLEO GOLD Screenshot


CLEO GOLD Screenshot


In this post, you’ll find the full tutorial on how to install this tool and use it properly. If you still have some problems in using this tool, you can watch this video tutorial –

Here are some of the useful scripts which are provided in this tool –

– car spawner – features all of game cars, bikes, boats, planes and helis, has inbuilt vehicle preview
– cheats – features all standard and bonus cheats, including ‘mission skip’ one
– mission selector – allows to start any scenario mission you want
– passenger – allows player to enter any traffic vehicle and perform driveby
– first person driving – allows to activate 1st person view in any vehicle while driving
– full stats – boosts all player stats to the maximum
– health regen – constantly regenerates player’s hitpoints
– fight master – player will use different fighting styles in melee combats
– flying – allows player to fly like a super-man
– unlimited jetpack – removes the height limit for jetpack
– open houses – allows player to visit any house, like in burglary missions
– car balance – player’s car have an ability to prevent fllipping
– car boost – allows you to speed up your car via ‘power’ widget while driving
– radio fix – fixes the glitch which causes some radio stations to play only commercials
* VC
– car spawner – features all of game vehicles
– cheats – features all standard cheats
– health regen – constantly regenerates player’s hitpoints
– all weapon – gives an ability to have all weapons at once
– car spawner – features all of game vehicles
– cheats – features all standard cheats
– health regen – constantly regenerates player’s hitpoints

So, after reading all this, you must be sure that this is a really great tool for all the GTA gamers. Here are some details of this tool –

Version 2.5
File Type .apk
File Size 500KB
Requirement Android 2.3+
Developer Alexander Blade

So, you must be very excited to download this tool, right? Let’s jump to download section now! In case you like play game boy advance games, do check out my boy apk, which is a great GBA emulator.

Download CLEO Gold Apk

So below are the download links for this tool. You can directly download this tool from our site and enjoy the modding stuff for your favorite GTA games. You can find the full tutorial on how to use this tool below the download section. All the links are directly downloadable and survey free –

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Installing & Using CLEO Gold Tool

So, here are the steps on installing and using this tool –

Installing & Using CLEO GOLD Tool Infographic

  1. Download and install CLEO Gold tool from the link provided above
  2. Open the tool and grant superuser permission to it(from popup)
  3. After granting permission, you’ll get the list of games which are supported
  4. Select any game like GTA San Andreas
  5. Click check to verify if the tool is supported or not
  6. Click install and wait for the installation
  7. Click Install scripts to install the mods for the game
  8. Finally, open the game and you’ll see CLEO Gold info in the staring of the game
  9. To use any cheat, swipe down to get cheats menu
  10. Scroll through cheats and click on any cheat to enable/disable it

So, by following steps, you can install CLEO Gold tool easily on your android phone and use it for modding GTA games. If you’ve any problem with installing this app, feel free to comment below, and we’ll try our best to solve your problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q1. Is CLEO Gold tool free to use?

Ans: Yes, the Cleo gold is 100% free to download and use. It doesn’t charge you anything.

Q2. Does this tool require root?

Ans: Yes, this tool works 100% properly in rooted smartphones. If you’ve got a un-rooted phone, you can still use this app.

Q3. Are there any viruses in this tool?

Ans: No, this tool is free from viruses and malware. For extra security, we recommend you to download a good antivirus.

Q4. How many scripts does this tool support?

Ans: This tool can be used to install unlimited scripts for your favorite GTA game. You can use custom scripts also.

Advantages Of CLEO Gold Tool

Below are some advantage of using this tool –

  • This tool is completely free to use
  • This tool can be used for many GTA games
  • Allows custom scripts
  • Has many scripts pre-installed
  • This tool is free from viruses and malware
  • Works well on almost 99% devices

Disadvantages Of CLEO Gold Tool


Below are some disadvantage of using this tool –

  • Sometimes causes game crashes
  • Requires root for the proper working
  • Removes the fun of original game

Final Words

So this was all about CLEO Gold tool. This post covers all details about this tool including download links, advantages, disadvantages. If you face any problem in installing or downloading this app, let us know using the comments section below.

We’ve provided the latest version apk to you without any ads and surveys. Hope you like and enjoy this app.